Templates & File Setup

File Setup & Templates

Find templates for the products I offer and how to set up your files.

How to Submit Your Files

On product pages, you will have an option to upload your files when placing an order.

The uploader does have a file upload limit (10MB). If your file is too big, you can submit your files to me via email as an attachment, or by sending me a link to an online file storage (like Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer, etc).

If your file is over 200MB, it will need to be compressed.

File Requirements

  • Files must be at least 150dpi (300dpi is Best)
  • Files must be in CMYK color space
  • Be sure to rasterize all fonts
  • Be sure to hide any template layers
  • Flatten all of your layers

Accepted File Types:


I will accept PSDs and AIs, but I would prefer PDF & JPG due to file size. 


*PNG files cannot be saved as CMYK
Please don't send me PNGs

Product Templates

There are no templates for rigid signs or vinyl/fabric banners as those can be any custom size.

Banners & Rigid Signs

  • no templates
  • Make your file the dimensions of the banner/sign you're ordering. 
  • For rigid signs, please add (at least) 0.5in of bleed on all sides for best results. 

Table Runners

Click here to See How to Format a Table Runner File
  • 24in x 72in
  • 26in x 72in
  • 28in x 72in
  • 30in x 72in
  • 32in x 72in
  • 34in x 72in
  • 36in x 72in
  • 38in x 72in
  • 40in x 72in
  • 42in x 72in
  • 44in x 72in
  • 46in x 72in
  • 48in x 72in
  • 50in x 72in
  • 52in x 72in
  • 54in x 72in
  • 56in x 72in
  • 58in x 72in
  • 60in x 72in

Table Cloths

  • 4ft Table Cloth / 3-Sided (Open Back)
  • 4ft Table Cloth / 4-Sided (Full Coverage)
  • 6ft Table Cloth / 3-Sided (Open Back)
  • 6ft Table Cloth / 4-Sided (Full Coverage)
  • 8ft Table Cloth / 3-Sided (Open Back)
  • 8ft Table Cloth / 4-Sided (Full Coverage)


  • 8ft x 8ft Fabric Backdrop (Step & Repeat)
  • 9ft x 8ft Fabric Backdrop (Step & Repeat)
  • 10ft x 8ft Fabric Backdrop (Step & Repeat)

Pop-Up / Retractable Banners

  • 23in x 66in Pop-Up Banner (Standard Base)
  • 24in x 81in Pop-Up Banner (Standard Base)
  • 33in x 81in Pop-Up Banner (Standard Base)
  • 47in x 81in Pop-Up Banner (Standard Base)