What Happens After You Order?

After you place an order and submit your print files, you order goes through a few stages to transform from concept to reality: 


Artwork File Verification

After you place your order and submit your print files, I check them for print-readiness.

I verify all files for size and color profile compatibility to check for any potential issues.

I will craft a production proof by hand (no auto-generated proofs here!) for you to review.

You should expect your digital proof within 1-4 business days*


Proof Email

When the proof is done, I upload it to my website's proof system.

The proof system will subsequently send you an email with a link to review your proof.

If you do not approve your proof within 7 days, you will get a reminder email.

Make sure to check your spam folders!

Production Proof

Once you open the proof production page, you'll have a small preview of the proof.

I recommend you download the proof to your computer to view it outside of a web browser.

This is so you can see the proof at full-size, but also browsers cannot display CMYK properly, so your colors may look different than you expect. There may also be notes on the proof about your order.

You can add comments or new files right here on this page. And you must Approve or Reject this proof.

What's a Proof?

A production proof is essentially a sneak peek at your final product. It's a digital preview presented in PDF format.

This proof acts as a visual agreement between us, detailing the expected size, quantity, and material.

Any specific placements for features like pole pockets or grommets will be marked on the proof.

Best part? Proofs come free of charge with your order. NO order will be moved into production without an approved production proof.

  • Proofs are Required

    Your role in this stage is crucial.


    Once you review the PDF digital proof, you must either approve or deny the PDF digital proof.


    NO order proceeds to production without your green light.

    Timely approval is key to avoiding any production delays.

  • Want to Make Changes?

    If you find yourself unsatisfied with your proof and wish to make changes to your order, I'm here to assist! You can reject a proof at any time and supply a new file.


    Changes or cancellations are welcome. No extra charges or fees are incurred for adjustments to your files or alterations to size and quantities.


    If changes impact pricing, I'll promptly invoice or refund any differences. 


Your Order Gets Made, Packed Up, and Shipped!

Once you approve your production proof, your order will move into production. There's nothing else you need to do - just kick back and relax.

Production time is typically about 2-7 business days, depending on the product and the current workload.

Once your order is ready, it gets shipped and you will get another email! This email will have information about the shipment(s) - as well as a link to track your order.

Note: I cannot send photos to customers of products while they are in production.