Table Runner Tutorial!

Learn how to format your file for your very own table runner!

About Table Runner Templates

In each template, you will see dotted lines for general design placement.

This placement will depend on the actual height of tables and how far down the table you lay the printed runner.

Get Table Runner Templates

Template Instructions

☑ Download the template for the table runner size you'd like. Or, make a file to the dimensions of the runner you'll be ordering.

☑ Place your art in the file as you'd like.

☑ Completely fill the background with whatever color/pattern you'd like.

☑ Hide all template layers when exporting.

☑ Save as PDF or High-Quality JPG.

Keep all text & important information within the white area of the template. Anything in the blue area could potentially be cut off or have hem lines sewn over it.

Logo & Art Placement

The dotted lines in the templates are suggestions for placement of your art & logos.

☑ Your primary logo/art should be placed right-side up in the bottom half of the runner file.

The rest of the runner will be for the top and back of your table.

There is no “standard” table size, so keep that in mind when you design. Tables typically range from 28”-30” tall and 24”-36” deep.

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Dual-Ended Printing

Table runners are printed on one side of the fabric.

But you can make a dual-ended runner by placing a logo on either end of the template.

It can be the same - or two entirely different logo/designs. This gives you options during setup!

☑ Make sure the logos are facing the correct way when formatting the runner!

Design → Print

Any Color.

Any Design.

Backgrounds can be any color, gradient, pattern, or image that you'd like!

Full-color printing from edge to edge!

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Setting up a Table Runner

I often have people ask where to place logos and text on their table runner.

On the templates I provide, there's a pretty large area for where to put your design. That space represents the height of a 'typical' table.

BUT, keep in mind -- actual table heights can vary quite a bit. Also, how far down you hang your table runner towards the floor will affect that spacing too! You can design a runner to be pretty high up or to hang pretty low.


Use the template that is the same size as the table runner you're ordering.

Make sure your file is:

  • the right size and dimensions
  • at LEAST 150dpi (300dpi is better)
  • CMYK only
  • NOT a PNG (JPGs and PDFs preferred)
  • fully formatted & ready to print