How & Where to Find Conventions / Fairs / Shows

Selling your work at shows puts you and your products in front of buyers who want to support makers like yourself. And it's a great way to build a loyal fanbase for your business.

Finding shows to sell your goods at is easier than you think! 

A searchable & filterable database of anime shows, comic cons, craft fairs, and all sorts of other shows. 
Can sort by state, country & show type. Offers information about costs, booth sizes, application openings, and much, much more. 

There is also a newsletter option to get regular emails about when shows open for applications.

A pretty large list & calendar of anime conventions. Can sort by location. 
Each show has its own page with information about the show, location, guests, and registration info.

Sister Site to
A pretty large list & calendar of conventions of various types. Can sort by location and show type. 
Each show has its own page with information about the show, location, guests, and registration info.

A listing of comic conventions, toy cons, anime cons, and virtual conventions. Can sort by location, show type, and specific fandom. 

A database of festivals, craft shows, art fairs, and other events. USA only. 
Can search by city, state, or # of miles from your zip code. 
Also offers a membership to get extra details about events, contact info, and application info. 

A subscription-based database of craft shows, art shows, fairs, festivals, farmers markets, antique shows, music festivals, holiday shows, and more. Searchable by state (USA only). 

Subscription provides access to database, search-ability by zip code, detailed show information, google maps view, and is updated daily. 

A comprehensive and searchable database of North American events. Does not include anime/comic conventions. Can search by state or province and by show type. 
Includes information about number of exhibitors, exhibitor selection, estimated attendance, and any deadlines for applications.

Many folks don't realize how much information for sellers is available right on Etsy! The Teams section of the platform has groups located around the US and each has their own forum - many of which have threads of upcoming events. Find an active team with a thread and keep an eye on it. 

Many cities and neighborhoods have dedicated groups where local creators share information about upcoming shows in the area. Often, you'll find organization post on these pages when they're looking for more vendors to fill up upcoming events. 

Don't see an existing post? You can make your own post and ask for recommendations from like-minded folks about local shows (plus, you'll usually get extra info about if a show is worth your time or not).

The discover tab on Facebook is another great resource where you can search your area for upcoming events. There's even categories to narrow down your search!

Most folks know that you can buy tickets to events using Eventbrite... but they also have a large database of events on their platform where you can discover local events. A large percentage of the events aren't the kind where you can set up and sell your goods, but there's a lot to comb through and its very easy to find events for very specific interests - and you just might find something perfect for you. 

Official City Websites & Calendars

Looking for a local event? Head over to your city or county's official website. They generally maintain a large calendar of events happening in your area. Often, you'll find many small events that may not take the time to register with a lot of the places I've listed above. 


People sleep on google - but theres so much information to find with just a little bit of adjustment to your search terms. Search something like "anime conventions near me" or "craft shows in yourstatehere" (WITH quotation marks). Google even has a calendar of upcoming events near you!

Word of Mouth

I definitely recommend befriending other artists, creators, and vendors. (Especially ones with a similar audience!) Ask what shows they recommend.