Hi there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet – a project I like to call “Rewynd Makes.”
Who is Rewynd and what is she making? Well, here’s the story…

My name is Robyn.  Online, I go by the artist name of Rewynd.  For over 6 years, I’ve been a full time designer (working in digital, print, and web) as well as a freelance illustrator.

A few years back, I started an online shop, selling my artwork and designs – called Byte Size Treasure. It combined my love of art and design with my long-time love of marine biology (with a little splash of astronomy too!).  Over the last few years, I’ve moved outside of the computer screen, and have started vending at art/anime/comic book conventions.

But I work on projects – art, design, craft, and more – outside of Byte Size Treasure. A lot of projects. And I wanted a place to share them all. So I am resurrecting my “Maker” blog and will be sharing a little bit of everything:

Art. Tutorials. Resources. Mermaids. Sparkles. You name it!

I want to embrace the creative life even more so than I have in the past, and move forward in life knowing that I’m doing what I love. I want Rewynd Makes to be a fun, informative, and inspiring place!

Hopefully that gives you a little taste of what this is all about and I hope you decide to stick around and see what Rewynd Makes has in store. Until next time, bye!

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