So who is this Rewynd person?  How do you even pronounce that?!

Hello there and welcome!  My name is Robyn, but on the interwebs, I’m known as Rewynd (pronounced like rewind, a nickname given to me in college since my initials are RW – and it just stuck).

I’m a 27 year old full-time Artist, Web Designer/Developer, and Graphic Designer from the country living in the out-skirts of DC with my fellow-artist-husband Gadget. My free time is spent drawing & painting, writing, crocheting, blogging, dreaming, learning, and of course – making.  Making what?  Anything and everything!  Hence the name of the blog – sea rewynd MAKE!

So where did the Sea in the title come from?  All my life I wanted to be a Marine Biologist – which obviously didn’t happen, so I throw my love of marine animals into my art (and every other aspect of my life that I can without driving the hubby crazy).  Some of my favorite things to draw are sea creatures – especially mermaids!

I just recently found my girly side and developed a love (er… obsession?) with dresses, thrifting, decorating, and cooking.  These fun times will also be shared here on my blog.   Also worth mentioning that I went to college for Media Arts & Animation – so expect plenty of artsy talk and lots of doodles!